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by The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success
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69: Leadership for Growth Erik Huberman


Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media. Hawke Media was recognized by Inc. as the country's fastest-growing marketing consultancy, and is proudly one of Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work"​, 2019 #893 on the Forbes 5000 list, UpCity Top Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency. Prior to Hawke, he founded, grew and sold two successful ecommerce companies. Huberman is the recipient of numerous honors and awards.

In this episode, we chat about how Erik Huberman grew his business from a single employee to 200 employees.

3:42 Did you notice a difference from working out at six or 7:00 PM to now changing your routine to working out in the morning or going snowboarding or extending?

4:58 Knowing what’s best for you than the gurus

7:18 Where do you put your energy?

8:18 Building a big business.

10:14 What steps did you ultimately take to get here?

15:08 The harmony of fun and business

17:48 You want to be you.

19:27: Seven to eight years in getting where you are today.

20:44 What is your leadership strategy?

22:58 What's the learning experiences for you that others can pick up on?

25:21 What framework have you seen that works best?

28:58 Ways that you found that can optimize your time and efficiency.

36:47 Putting people who match the company's energy level match

37:37 Where can people find more about you Erik and Hawke Media?

Erik’s Information:

Website: https://hawkemedia.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hawkemedia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawkemedia

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hawkemedia/

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Episode 69

by The Own It Show: Where Everyday People Take Ownership to Create Extraordinary Success