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The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss

The Panti Personals : S1 E2 Galia Arad

The Panti Personals : S1 E2 Panti Bliss meets Galia Arad. (released May 15) http://pantisocracy.ie/galia-arad/
Galia Arad describes herself as 'Bob Dylan meets Britney Spears' and if that doesn't make you want to listen to this episode of The Panti Personals, whatever will? Galia hails from Bloomington, Indiana, but this singer-songwriter with a comic punch, has made Dublin her home. When she's asked by taxi drivers what fella brought her to Dublin? Galia smiles and says 'Glen Hansard' but in truth it's as much Shane MacGowan's work, as Glen's. But then you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out why!
Galia's comic work is often with the gleeful Lollipops but her new release, 'Lion's Den' is a classic break-up song, a powerful pop ballad you can just imagine Britney covering. Galia's 'Britney crush' often means she includes a Britney cover in her gigs and her very dark and mysterious cover of 'Baby One More Time' made it to screen in a Marvel TV series 'Cloak & Dagger'.
In this episode of The Panti Personals Panti Bliss finds a new soulmate in fellow podcaster Galia Arad, who she decides is 'a gas bitch' and ideal company for the habitual lockdown season. Galia, who has toured with Jools Holland, performs her latest release 'Lion's Den' and a song inspired by possibly her most embarrassing moment, when Elvis Costello emailed her to hook up for a gig.
Music in this episode includes: 
Galia & The Lollipops : What a Time 
Galia's cover of Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time' 
Galia Arad's Lion's Den - accompanied by Cian Boylan 
Galia Arad and the Elvis Costello Song 
To find out more about Galia go to www.galiaarad.com And follow her on twitter twitter.com/galiaarad
The Panti Personals is an independent podcast production by Athena Media. The producer is Helen Shaw, the digital editor is John Howard. The theme music is Knots by Lisa Hannigan and used with her kind permission.
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