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The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss

The Panti Personals S1 E6 : Bronagh Gallagher

The Panti Personals S1 E6 Bronagh Gallagher
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The original Derry Girl Bronagh Gallagher, is the guest with Panti Bliss is this episode of The Panti Personals. Bronagh, an old friend of Panti's, began her film acting and singing career on a high as Bernie in Alan Parker's classic, The Commitments when she was just 17. Her film appearances include Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and Albert Nobbs and she is currently filming the TV series Brassic in Manchester. Bronagh's work life splits between acting and singing and during the pandemic she collaborated with Dave Stewart on the track 'Truth or Dare' and with Noel Hogan on the song 'Cry Baby'. In this conversation Bronagh shares her lockdown secrets, including daily yoga and meditation, and how she headed back home to Derry for lockdown 1, enjoying the quiet, and stayed close to her parents. With musician Cian Boylan on piano she performs two of her own songs for Panti, 'Greatest Love' and 'So the Story Goes' and talks of how music remains the first love of her life.
You can find out more about Bronagh and her work here: www.bronaghgallagher.com
Music Bronagh performs in this episode : 'Greatest Love' 'So The Story Goes' and we hear from her recordings of 'Cry Baby' and "Truth or Dare'.
Transcript of Episode https://www.happyscribe.com/transcriptions/c12bdd7a49b74a62b3071a674fb87134/edit_v2
The Panti Personals is an Athena Media independent podcast production, the producer is Helen Shaw and the audio and digital editor is John Howard. The shows are recorded in Camden Recording Studios with Conor Brady and our themem music is Knots by Lisa Hannigan and it is used with her kind permission.
For more go to www.pantisocracy.ie and see the videos of the performances from the shows.
The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss
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