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The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss

The Panti Personals S1 E8 : Jerry Fish

The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss and Jerry Fish   #ThePantiPersonals 
Panti Bliss is with the definitive showman Jerry Fish for this episode of The Panti Personals. To some he's best known as the frontman and driving force of the hit 1990s band 'An Emotional Fish' to others he's the creative magic behind 'The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow' at the Electric Picnic Festival (remember festivals?!). Born in Dublin, he was raised and shaped by London's South End, where the streets were, he says, tough and he was surrounded by a multi-cultural migrant community. from Ireland, the Carribbean and Asia. He came back to Dublin in his mid teens, expecting to find 'home' but found Dublin treated him as an outsider so he took to wandering, and travelling, including a stint living on a rock in the Greek Isles. Back in Dublin 'An Emotional Fish' came together, and a helter-skelter five years of riding the rock n' roll wave of touring with bands like U2 followed.
These days the wanderer has settled down, living the country life with his lovely wife Nikki, their four children, and one spectacular moustache! The band he brought together when he returned to music is 'Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club' and Jerry performs two of his own songs, with the accompaniment of Cian Boylan, for Panti Bliss, in the show. 
Transcript of the show:: www.happyscribe.com/transcriptions/…74d3e06154a981d
Music you hear in this episode includes:
'Where The Sun Don't Shine' - Jerry Fish (Live with Cian Boylan) 
'True Love Will Find You in the End' - Jerry Fish (Live cover of Daniel Johnston's song) 
'Julian' - An Emotional Fish 
'Celebrate' - An Emotional Fish 
'Be Yourself' - Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club 
'If God Was A Girl' - An Emotional Fish 
'My Friend Jim' - An Emotional Fish
The Panti Personals is an Athena Media independent production. The producer is Helen Shaw, the digital editor is John Howard and the theme music is Knots by Lisa Hannigan used with her kind permission.
The Panti Personals Season 1 is recorded in Camden Recording Studios Dublin with the kind support of Cian Boylan and Conor Brady.
http://pantisocracy.ie/jerry-fish/ for more
The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss
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