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The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss

The Panti Personals S3 E1 Pauline Scanlon

The Panti Personals Season 3 Episode 1 Pauline Scanlon
The Panti Personals is back for a new season of conversations and first up is the singer Pauline Scanlon whose new album 'The Unquiet' is a collection of songs inspired by the traumatic life of her mother Eileen. Pauline comes from the Dingle Gaeltacht but has made Headford, Co Galway her home, along with her husband and fellow musician, Eamon Murray and their young daughter Kitty. Pauline performs two of her songs live for the Queen with the accompaniment of guitarist Caoimhe Hopkinson Byrne.
Show Transcript www.happyscribe.com/transcriptions/…440909e257cb053

Pauline performs two songs live for Panti Bliss in the show (The Old Churchyard and Felton Lannin) but you also here these tracks mixed in to illustrated her story:
Lumiere ( Pauline's first band)- Fair and Tender Ladies
Bird On The Wire ( Pauline's Leonard Cohen project) - First We Take Manhattan
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
Pauline Scanlon - The Two Magicians ( from The Unquiet album)
Pauline Scanlon - Lady Leroy ( from The Unquiet album)
Pauline Scanlon - Sambo Aera ( from The Unquiet album)
Pauline Scanlon - The Bird In The Bush ( from The Unquiet album)
You can find out more about Pauline's work here: www.paulinescanlon.net/
You can also listen to a recent radio documentary Pauline made about her mother's story, the writing of the album and the place of women in Ireland\s contemporary history and song-making here
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