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by Jeremy Roadruck
The Parenting Program Show

My #1 Secret to ROCKING Your Intimate Relationship


This week I'm sharing some things near and dear to my heart. Today, what can we do to get things grooving better with our wives, girl-friends, or significant others? It today's world, it can feel like it's just take, take, take... it can be lonely, lots of rejection... then, to get home and not be on the same page as our SO... truly heartbreaking!

In a great relationship, joy is amplified and pain is minimized.

In a bad relationship the joy is minimized, but the PAIN is AMPLIFIED!

I’ve lived with both.

Honestly, I lived far TOO LONG in that bad relationship but it helped me to understand how to show up more powerfully and present for my wife, Autumn, and our kids Jamie and Evie.

To save you some headache and heartache I recorded this short clip to share with you the #1 secret I’ve found to having an amazing relationship after working with families and kids for over 25 years.

Initially it can be a bit challenging but when you experience the impact it makes on your partner, it’s literally life-changing.

And, so incredibly powerful for your children to witness, too.

And now, what are YOU going to do about it?


Episode 4

by Jeremy Roadruck