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The Paul Wharton Show

How to Support the People Around You and Give Back


Many of us are often in a rush to get where we’re going and I am constantly checking myself to slow down, center myself, breathe and be aware. On today’s episode, I share an important story about an encounter I had recently with an elderly lady walking in DC who just didn’t have what she needed to make it every month. By no fault of her own, she found herself without money or food, she was hungry and tired. People need to know that they are seen and heard and a little compassion goes a long way. Darnell and I talk about this and how we each give back and help others and my hope is that it inspires you to take some time out and get involved with the people and places that need your support. We did all of that with time to spare to cut all the way up and get your weekend going with some good for the soul laughter! There is healing in humor people and we’re giving you the best that we got (Anita Baker voice 🎶) Thursday at 6pm, Saturday at 5pm and Wednesday at 6pm on Sirius XM Channel 141! Powered and distributed by Simplecasst


Episode 43

by Full Service Radio