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The Paula Faris 'Faith & Calling' Podcast

Ep 7 - Lauren Daigle: Overcoming Hardship


Lauren Daigle went from a small school with no music program, to one of the most impressive vocalists in the world, and now she’s sitting down with Paula to talk about how she has used the hardships in her life to launch herself to a place of success. The two-time GRAMMY Award winner recalls the moment she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that forced her to live in isolation for more than two years as a teenager. She opens up about the depression she experienced and how music became an outlet during those dark days, eventually giving her the courage to pursue her pipe dream. The former American Idol contestant talks about the doors that opened after being sent home early from the show, and how it lead her to an unlikely opportunity that forever changed her life. She also shares the meaning behind her new single, “Hold On To Me,” and the experience she was going through when it was written. The 29-year-old talks about turning 30 and the one thing she is finally concurring after many years of feeling like she was missing out.

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Episode 7

Season 1

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