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The Peter Attia Drive

AMA #58: Iron: its role in health, testing methods, and strategies for preventing and managing iron deficiency

The Peter Attia Drive
The Peter Attia Drive

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In this “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) episode, Peter delves into the crucial yet often overlooked topic of iron and iron deficiency. He explores why iron is indispensable for the body, explains the repercussions of iron deficiency, and sheds light on the prevalence of this issue and who is most susceptible. Peter outlines strategies for increasing iron levels, covering dietary iron, supplementation, and infusion options, while also discussing the suitability of each approach for different individuals. Shifting gears, Peter tackles rapid-fire questions on creatine and sodium, as well as inquiries related to his book.

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We discuss:

  • Overview of today’s topics and the importance of understanding iron levels in the body [1:45];
  • The importance and ubiquity of iron in the body, and the role of the protein called ferritin [4:30];
  • The processes of iron absorption, utilization, and transportation [9:30];
  • Options for testing iron levels and how to interpret the results [13:45];
  • What does it mean to be iron deficient, and how is it different from anemia? [17:15];
  • Symptoms of iron deficiency and/or anemia [22:15];
  • How prevalent is iron deficiency, and who is most susceptible? [24:30];
  • The importance of consuming an adequate amount of iron daily to prevent deficiency [30:30];
  • The best way to improve iron levels for someone who is deficient [34:45];
  • Iron supplementation: various formulations and potential side effects [37:45];
  • Intravenous iron infusion as an alternative to oral supplements -- plus restless legs syndrome and other topics [42:00];
  • Iron supplementation: who should and should not consider it [44:00];
  • Peter’s approach to creatine and his pre- and post-workout supplements [50:15];
  • Navigating sodium intake: effect on blood pressure, who should use precaution, and other considerations [54:45];
  • Peter’s thoughts about the potential of writing another book [57:15]; and
  • More.

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The Peter Attia Drive
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