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Rucking: benefits, gear, FAQs, and the journey from Special Forces to founding GORUCK | Jason McCarthy

The Peter Attia Drive
The Peter Attia Drive

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Jason McCarthy is a former US Special Forces member and the founder of GORUCK, a company specializing in rucking equipment. In this episode, Jason recounts his journey from military service to navigating the challenging transition back into civilian life and ultimately embracing the mission of introducing rucking to the masses. Delving into the significance of rucking in military training and its applicability to the wider population, he discusses the mental and physical benefits of rucking as a mode of training, provides practical tips for beginners, and answers frequently asked questions about packs, weights, footwear, and more.

We discuss:

  • Jason’s upbringing and what inspired him to join the military [3:15];
  • Jason’s path to becoming a Green Beret, his calling to serve, and staying true to oneself [10:30];
  • About the Green Berets: their role in the military, unique abilities, missions, and more [20:00];
  • The mental and physical challenges of special forces training and selection [25:00];
  • Rucking challenges as a Green Beret [37:00];
  • How Jason trained in his off-time and stayed mentally prepared [46:30];
  • Jason’s difficult decision to leave the army, and the challenges many veterans face returning to civilian life [51:30];
  • Jason’s struggles after leaving the army: loss of identity, feelings of shame, and the how he overcame a period of despair [57:15];
  • The origin of GORUCK [1:10:30];
  • The GORUCK Challenge [1:24:30];
  • The company's evolution from event organizer to manufacturing specialist, spurred by the growing interest in rucking as a form of training [1:35:30];
  • FAQs about rucking: packs, weight, rucksack vs. weighted vest, chest straps, and more [1:38:45];
  • Commemorating Normandy: GORUCK's plans for the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings [1:51:30];
  • Footwear for rucking, and how GORUCK got into the footwear business [1:57:30];
  • How to avoid the most common injuries from rucking, and the benefits of rucking for VO2 max, strength, and sleep quality [2:05:00];
  • Advice for using rucking as a mode of training, and the advantages of rucking over other forms of training [2:12:45]; and
  • More.

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The Peter Attia Drive
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