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Dallas Cowboys Star & Legend: Micah Parsons & Michael Irvin


Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons who was named to the NFL‘s AP ALL-Pro Defensive team sits down for an exclusive conversation with The Pivot Podcast.

Ryan, Fred and Channing make a special trip to Dallas to visit the Cowboys Rookie two nights before his first NFL playoff game.

Starting the night off with a friendly game of scrabble, Ryan calls out Micah for his competitive nature which leads the guys into a discussion about Micah’s journey to the NFL and his life on and off the field.

Opening up about his struggles and strides as a rookie, Fred and Ryan offer their veteran perspective while listening to a wise beyond his years young man tell his most pivotal moments in his first year. The OGs are blown away by Micah’s humility and passion to be the best which make his attention to detail more significant

Of course Channing doesn’t miss the chance to ask about Micah’s personal life as a young single man playing for the most storied franchise in sports which leads to a lot of laughs comparing Channing’s career approach to everyone else’s.

As the conversation is wrapping up, Hall Of Famer and legendary Cowboy Michael Irvin surprises the guys when he walks through the door and sits down next to Micah. Sharing his vision and giving a past and present peek into what wearing the star represents.

The Dallas Cowboys host the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in a NFC Wild Card Match Up at 430pm est.

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