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NFL Playoffs & The OG MVP: Brady or Rodgers?


With the NFL Playoffs underway, Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder are in Unc Mode as they sit down to reminisce about their playing days during the post season and also how they handled confrontation as well as disappointment over the years.

Channing talks about fighting with a teammate in the locker room over something insignificant looking back how he had to apply that to his current life as he is a mentor and coach for younger generations. Ryan talks about how the approach has changed from being combative to learning how to move forward in life while Fred says it's important to have thick skin.

Ryan and Fred talk about their postseason runs as players and the experiences they have relating it to current situations guys face today. Channing doesn't miss the opportunity to mix up the conversation with some laughs and bust on Ryan about some of his health issues over the years and referring to him as hollow.

The three guys debate over the NFL's current MVP between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady making cases for both OG quarterbacks as well as who they feel will be the Super Bowl Champ after wildcard weekend.

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