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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code

S2, E5 Insurance: The Necessary Evil on Your GLP1 Journey

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https://www.enbold.com/ Obesity Telehealth
https://www.ivimhealth.com/weightloss/ Telehealth for weight management
https://zennutrients.com/ - Supplements Get 20% off with Plus20 Coupon Code

Today, our community guest and specialist guest are the same person, Miri. Miri is an HR specialist who shares valuable insights on healthcare insurance and benefits. We discuss the challenge of getting insurance to cover specific treatments, delve into off-label medical use, explore self-insured plans, and demystify Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). The effectiveness of wellness plans is assessed, and Prior Authorization and peer-to-peer reviews are unveiled. Changes in obesity treatment labeling are discussed, as are insurance tactics like Step Therapy. With open enrollment season approaching, the episode provides actionable advice, including leveraging DEI initiatives for comprehensive coverage. Appeals processes are demystified, offering practical guidance to ensure effective healthcare coverage.


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The Plus SideZ: Cracking the Obesity Code
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