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by Shannon Hernandez
The Podcast Therapist

(Part 2) Which Podcasting Statistic Is The Most Important: Advancing Your Podcast Marketing Strategy


This follow-up episode takes a deeper dive into the TSL statistic I mentioned in the previous episode. I recommend listening to the previous episode before you dive into this episode to get the full scope of what I'm talking about in this episode.

But if you've already listened to last episode, here's a breakdown of what will be covered in this episode:

  • A recap of last episode and some notes on how to absorb my podcast.
  • What to expect when you are implementing my instructions in all my episodes.
  • Picking back up with the ACQUISITION portion of a sales funnel and defining what an acquisition looks like. 
  • Identifying what "acquisition" looks like in real life and how it applies to you as the customer and the podcaster.  I will give you a plan of action to start thinking about what you can create to acquire new listeners.
  • How to utilize the assets you create or obtain to create auditory markers within your podcast to know how someone has listened. 
  • The ADVANCED marketing technique that podcasters MUST implement in order to turn a listener into a listening customer. 
  • Why advertising your podcast on platforms like Facebook or Instagram is worth it for you and your listeners.

Enjoy today's episode and if you have any questions, use the link below to leave a voicemail or email. I'm happy to answer and help you out in a future episode.

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by Shannon Hernandez