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by Shannon Hernandez
The Podcast Therapist

Podcast Like A Pro: How to Effectively Communicate Like a Professional Broadcaster with Mac Watson


Sometimes it feels like you just can't seem to get the words out the right way on your podcast. After you've recorded, you feel like you said something stupid or you just didn't communicate it very well.  

Today I talk with another radio friend of mine, Mac Watson, of the Mac Watson Talks Podcast (http://www.macwatsononline.com).  Mac as just as many years in the radio industry as I do, but he's done a fair majority in talk radio.

In this episode, you're going to learn:

  • How Mac built his current podcast audience.
  • The key differences Mac noticed between radio and podcasting.
  • How to learn communication skills for podcasting.
  •  What podcasters can do to relate to an audience.
  • The secret behind scripting a podcast and when you should really use it.
  • A brief understanding of Mac's monetization model.

As always, when you listen to today's episode, give it a listen and try to take notes if you are able to.  This is the best way to really grasp some of the concepts mentioned. 

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by Shannon Hernandez