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by Enterprise Marketer
The Pop-Marketing Podcast

TikTok & Dreams w/ Ocean Spray's Melanie Dibiaso


Melanie Dibiaso is a Senior Marketing Manager for Ocean Spray Cranberries. She gives us a behind-the-scenes account of one of the most viral marketing moments of 2020.
TikTok, a longboard, Fleetwood Mac & a jug of Cran-Raspberry Ocean Spray Juice helped launch TikTok into the mainstream last year and will go down as an iconic pop culture vibe in the dumpster fire of 2020.
Melanie dishes all of the details, giving us a step by step account of how Ocean Spray's quick thinking and diamond hands were able to add to the story in real-time as well as utilize the energy to slingshot the brand's relevancy into the heads of an entirely new generation of juice drinkers.



by Enterprise Marketer