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by Mike Powell
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

Alex Hall: Pro Skier


Alex Hall has the world in the palm of his hands. In only a few years, Alex has gone from an up-and-coming Swiss kid to arguably the best American Slopestyle skier... What's different about Alex is his basketball player height and the hunger he brings to the table. The best part about Alex is that he is a throwback… He’s the X Games Gold winner in Real Ski, in Slopestyle, and in Big Air but he always makes sure that he’s filming for something. And he's just getting started.

Alex Hall Show Notes:

3:00: Comparing winning Real Ski to a X Games Slopestyle, who is his top 3 in Real Ski, and the Tanner controversy

10:00: Growing up European, dual passports, and his parents

16:00: Soccer, skiing and having to pick one, taking trains to ski, and being tall for a skier

21:00: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

22:45: Events as a grom, who he looks up to, and the EU vs US parks

27:00: Newschoolers, moving to the US, The Winter School, and the US Ski Team

34:00: What does the US Team do for him, moving out of the house at 16, and filming

40:45: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports: Getting you outside for over 70 years

Rollerblade: Find out all about the award-winning Skate to Ski program

42:00: Why urban, what do sponsors care about, contracts, and sponsors

52:00: Not doing well his first couple years on the world cup and X games, his first win in Switzerland, and having a healthy career.

56:00: The road to the Olympics, the Olympic experience, and 2022

61:00: Winning X Games, stadium events,

65:00: Inappropriate Questions with Joss Christensen


Episode 227

by Mike Powell