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by Mike Powell
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

Reggie Crist, Pro Skier


Reggie Crist is the oldest member of the legendary skiing family, The Crists. Being the first child, who excelled at everything, Reggie was treated differently and had all the opportunities in the world, minus his late start to ski racing. That didn’t slow Reggie down and on the podcast, we talk about the Olympic days on race skis, X-Games gold years, and we bring it to today and the fat skis Reggie finds himself on with his Stellar Adventures. Another legendary dude, another amazing podcast

Reggie Crist Show Notes:

3:00: Grateful Dead connection, Lawyers, and growing up with privilege

10:00: Moving to Sun Valley, ski racing, and willing himself to be the best, his way

16:00: His foundation, his travel, and random thoughts

20:30: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

Glade Optics: Get 10% off with the code TPM10

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

22:30: Making the US Ski Team, South America, an average racing career, and the Olympics

30:00: Weedmaps.com Weed question and ad

31:30: World Cup, UC Santa Barbara, kayaking with the best founding Equator Productions

40:15: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

Elan Skis: Making the best ski 75 years

41:45: Early AK, Skier Cross, and X Games Gold with Zach in Silver

48:00: Money, Atomic, working with me at K2, and getting serious about his avalanche education

59:00: Stellar Adventures

56:00: Inappropriate Questions with Zach Crist


Episode 214

by Mike Powell