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by Mike Powell
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

Rory Bushfield, Pro Skier Part 2


Rory Bushfield is known for living dangerously. He’s part reckless, part calculated, and always fun. Even on this podcast, not many people live a life close to as spontaneous and adventurous as the life of Rory Bushfield. His risks and adventures have created notoriety, respect, money, and a whole lot of loss. We talk about it all on Part 2 of Bushy’s Podcast and Trennon Paynter asks the “Inappropriate Questions” to close it out and they don’t disappoint.

Rory Bushfield Show Notes:

3:00: Stunts part 2, Level 1, and how he is portrayed in movies

12:00: MSP, McConkey, JP Auclair, and what he sucks at

20:45: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

22:45: Rossignol, money, blow it if you got it, getting hurt with friends, and more injuries

33:00: The K2 Back 9, best results, and getting into flying

39:30: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports: Getting you outside for over 70 years

Rollerblade: Find out all about the award-winning Skate to Ski program

41:00: The progression of flight, Sarah Burke, and dealing with loss

49:00: Nitro Circus, Reality TV on Splash, and other shows

59:00: Inappropriate Questions with Trennon Paynter


Episode 230

by Mike Powell