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by Mike Powell
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

Shane Anderson, Pro Skier, Filmmaker


Shane Anderson was a key personality and image when skiing needed it the most, in the mid to late 90’s. While Shane had the Rockstar look, it was his tricks and the company he kept that thrust him to the forefront of the ski industry. Part early big mountain guy and part new schooler, Shane rolled with the innovators of the sport until injuries got in the way. On the podcast, we talk skiing, the Tahoe crew, Hollywood, and making documentary films.

Shane Anderson Show Notes:

3:00: Getting the Keys to the City of Olympia, growing up in Olympia and finding skiing on his own

9:00: Champion Archer, the Olympia music scene, and being the shy kid

13:00: When does the Shane look start, College in Tahoe and the Tahoe scene

17:00: Filming with CP, skiing with legends, progression, and competitiveness

22:30: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code drinkfast

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

25:00: Sponsors, money, contests, and the state of the industry

30:00: Meeting Skogen Sprang and Evan Raps, CR, and the train jump

39:00: Chapter 3, Poor Boyz, first X-Games, and the party mentality of back then

43:00: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

Rollerblade: Find out all about the award-winning Skate to Ski program

44:30: His marketability, the 2000 X-Games injury, and blowing his knee over and over

52:00: Leaving K2, The Real-World Tahoe, becoming an actor

58:00: Trying to re-find his identity, getting hooked on a fishing trip, leaving LA, going to college to study fish, and making documentaries.

65:00: Inappropriate Questions with Kent Kreitler


Episode 228

by Mike Powell