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by Mike Powell
The Powell Movement Action Sports Podcast

TJ Schiller, Pro Skier


TJ Schiller was a huge name in the world of ski slopestyle in the 2000s. He was a dominant force who brought many firsts to the table at a time when learning tricks was riskier, but the reward seemed to be a lot more. TJ’s career is basically 2 parts, healthy TJ and then injured TJ and we talk about what happened in between on the podcast…the come up, the overnight fame, the travel, the money, the pain, x-games gold, and a whole lot more. Another DO NOT MISS episode.

TJ Schiller Show Notes:

3:00: Coaching, the transition to civilian, and more coaching

13:30: Family life, moving to Vernon, skiing, and culture

21:00 : Stanley: Get 30% off sitewide with the code drinkfast

Glade Optics: Get 10% off with the code TPM10

10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

22:30: Individual sport, WSI, and getting on Armada through a god moment

29:30: Getting ski famous overnight at the US Open, going to Europe, confidence, and pressure

40:00: Peter Glenn Ski and Sports

Elan Skis: Making the best ski 75 years

41:45: Complaining to judges, leaving Armada for Coreupt, other sponsors, and money

50:00: The ski fraternity

52:00: Weedmaps.com Weed question and ad

54:00: The X-Games, best trick Gold, his first knee injury, and Slopestyle Gold

59:00: Video parts, the never-ending knee saga that keeps him skiing, and Coreupt again

68:00: Inappropriate Questions with Josh Bibby


Episode 216

by Mike Powell