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by Ashley Kinkead
The Private Label Mastery Podcast

#100 - How Robert Made The Shift From a Full Time Day Job to Full Time Entrepreneur



Welcome Robert to the next episode of the Private Label Mastery podcast! We hope Robert’s story inspires you to go after your business dreams. In today’s interview, Robert always had a "side online hustle" in marketing, web design, and development, but never was able to leave his full-time job.

He knew he needed to find that RIGHT, WINNING product to sell on Amazon FBA that would generate full-time income numbers.

He saw other people making great incomes selling on Amazon and knew he could do the same with the right guidance, support, and timeline to get it DONE.

He used to work a full-time job as a marketing manager. But his business on Amazon is changing all that! He now runs two businesses, including a gym and Amazon FBA.

Robert has created a simple "work" schedule for himself. He joined PLM 3 months ago, has his "coach-approved" product now on the way to Amazon FBA!

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Episode 100

by Ashley Kinkead