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by Ashley Kinkead
The Private Label Mastery Podcast

#91 - How Ujala Went From a Failed Product to Launching 3 Private Label Products in 8 Weeks with The Help of PLM


Meet Ujala, a stay-at-home mom of two, married to a physician. For nearly 3 months during the pandemic her husband was on the frontlines and quarantined himself to protect his family. During this tough time, she realized she wanted financial freedom and joined PLM!

Ujala started selling on Amazon back in 2018 on her own thinking how hard can it be, she faced many roadblocks and tough competition. She knew she couldn’t be successful with the support and guidance from our course.

She launched 3 private label products in roughly 8 weeks after joining PLM! Ujala finds time at night when her children are sleeping to work on her business.

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Episode 91

by Ashley Kinkead