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by Ashley Kinkead
The Private Label Mastery Podcast

#98 - How Kristen Went from Financial Advisor to Private Label Entrepreneur


With a successful corporate career and a young family, Kristen had “made it” by most people’s standards. Living the dream, right?

But something was missing…

She and her husband Dan realized that it was time to create their own lives instead of being trapped by their careers!

They started making some BIG moves:

✔️ They moved to the beautiful Black Hills, South Dakota to be closer to their families.

✔️ They worked hard and sacrificed to launch 2 brands on their own website.

✔️ When they were READY to take things to the next level and expand into the Amazon market, they joined us in Private Label Mastery-- and went ALL IN.

Kristen and Dan joined PLM in May 2021 and had already launched several variations in the Pet Supplies category by July!

To say that Kristen has an incredible work ethic doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it.

As a busy mom of 2 boys, she makes time to work on her Amazon business in the morning and after dinner. She is MAKING. IT. HAPPEN!

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Episode 98

by Ashley Kinkead