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by Ben Klenner
The Probiotic Life

049 - Farming with Nature with Gil Carandang


Join us in this episode we hear from Gil Carandang who is considered to be a father of modern day natural farming in the Philippines and around the globe. His knowledge and wit shine as he shares insights into what it means to farm closer to nature, and listen to Her wisdom.

He is an organic farmer, Fulbright Scholar and educator. Gil’s work developing and teaching about beneficial indigenous microorganisms has been revolutionary for natural farmers worldwide; he is known for his engaging teaching style and empowers farmers to think outside the box.

He currently runs Herbana Farms and is an Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) inspector.

Gil has done extensive studies including:

-Bio-intensive Mini-Farming under John Jeavons in California.

-Natural Farming Systems for Crops and Livestocks under Dr. Han Kyu Cho.

-Apprenticed with Natural Farmers of Japan.

-A graduate of Ecological Horticulture at University of California, Santa Cruz.

-Biodynamics preparations at the Biodynamics Association of Northern California.

-Permaculture Design Course at the Center for Natural Design, Los Osos, California.

His book we talk about:

Grow Your Own Beneficial Indigenous Microorganisms and Bionutrients In Natural Organic Farming

Gil A. Carandang

Here’s a PDF of his book that he doesn’t mind sharing.

Some archived info from his old website.

Connect with Gil on Facebook

And his new project Napayong Island Ecovillage which is under threat from the Taal Volcano.

Thanks for listening, and may the beneficial microbes be with you!


Episode 49

by Ben Klenner