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by The Produce Industry Podcast
The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

Mark Samuel, Founder IWon Organics & Diego Martinez of Terra Exports - EP96


In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast with Patrick Kelly we chat with David Martinez, Sales Manager of South Africa for Terra Exports and Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO of IWon Organics. We learn more from David Martinez exploring more of Terra Exports diverse culture and product offerings. From South Africa to Europe and the Middle East. David originally from Argentine talks about how great the produce industry is and that it is Winter now exporting Citrus and enjoying the weather. 

Next we speak with our featured guest Mark Samuel, CEO and Founder of IWon Organics. IWon Organics is a story about you, me and everyone we know feeling good. our friends, our family, our community. it's the quality energy boost you get from real foods. the satisfaction of eating well on-the-run. We've put this positive, feel good vibe into making flavor-infused, organic, protein snacks. the balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high quality plant-based proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice. all proven to provide the fuel you need for your active lifestyle. Join us an learn about Mark and his organizations plant based product, operations and growth. 

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Episode 96

by The Produce Industry Podcast