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The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

Quentin Roe, Noble Citrus & Yolanda Ramirez, Ag Tools & Purchasing - EP92


In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast with Patrick Kelly we chat with our current Fancy Sponsor Ag Tool's very own Yolanda Ramirez and our new Fancy Sponsor, Quentin Roe of Noble Citrus.

Yolanda and Patrick are in part 2 of the buyers series using data/insights. The topic of today is "purchasing supplemental supply as a grower" through data and insights. Ag Tools, Inc. is a worldwide SaaS platform gathering real-time government and institutional data of over 500 specialty crops commodities, scraping it, including algorithms and M/L for farmers, buyers, and everyone on the supply chain to see and decide how to manage their forecasting and purchase orders.

Next we chat with our new Fancy Sponsor Noble Citrus, Quentin Roe. FLORIDA CITRUS farming has been the family’s legacy SINCE 1927. Quentin and I talk about the long standing history their family has in Florida Citrus. Quentin's son Adam is 4th generation and looking to grow beyond the company in the future with innovative products and tasty juice oranges. We get to know Noble Citrus's rich history and what to expect throughout 2021.

FANCY SPONSORS: Terra Exports: https://terraexports.com, Ag Tools, Inc.: https://www.agtechtools.com, Flavor Wave, LLC.: https://flavorwavefresh.com, United Fresh Produce Association: https://www.unitedfresh.org & Noble Citrus: https://noblecitrus.com

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Episode 92

by The Produce Industry Podcast