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by The Produce Industry Podcast
The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

United Fresh Produce Association, Fancy Sponsor - EP82


WELCOME TO SPONSORSHIP MONTH!!!! In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we are representing all of our Sponsors this month. It is March 8, 2021 and we will be chatting with Mary Coppola Heslap, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Mary and I are going to travel through March with all the fun and exciting events that United Fresh has to offer. More and more education , engagement and networking. During this week The Produce Industry Podcast is hosting a "Coffee Talk" Networking Hour" during BrandStorm March 11, 2021.Join us to meet new people and learn about United Fresh. 

Thank you to all our SPONSORS:

FANCY SPONSORS: Terra Exports: https://terraexports.com, Ag Tools, Inc.: https://www.agtechtools.com, Flavor Wave, LLC.: https://flavorwavefresh.com,  & United Fresh Produce Association: https://www.unitedfresh.org

Standard Sponsor: Indianapolis Fruit Company: https://indyfruit.com and John Greene Logistics Company: https://www.jglc.com

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Episode 82

by The Produce Industry Podcast