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by Ken Gunter
The Professional Athlete Podcast with Ken Gunter

60. Zach Bitter - Elite Ultra Marathon Runner, Human Performance Outliers Podcast


Zach Bitter can run farther than you… a lot farther than you. Over the last 10 years Zach Bitter has been a dominant force in the sport of Ultra Marathon running and has almost become synonymous with unthinkable feats of endurance. Among his many accolades he’s been a three time national champion (50 Mile, 100 KM) and has held the world records for the fastest 100 Mile race, furthest distance run in 12 hours and fastest 100 miles on a treadmill. Zach also is a host of his own show The Human Performance Outliers Podcast.

In today’s show Zach explains what Ultra running is and the wide variety of distances, timeframes and course types that the sport encompasses. Zach reveals his goal to run coast-to-coast and break the Trans Continental running record. He talks about the importance of running with a purpose and how he is preparing for the challenge. Shares what has been instrumental to his durability in the sport and his philosophy for prioritizing areas of improvement. Talks about the benefits of experience and explains why his best running is still to come.

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by Ken Gunter