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by Ken Gunter
The Professional Athlete Podcast with Ken Gunter

63. Dr. Don Wood - Inspired Performance Institute


Rewire your brain to improve performance? CEO at Inspired Performance Don Wood joins today’s shows to explain how past trauma inhibits your emotional and physical wellbeing and prevents people from reaching their full potential. With an approach based on cutting edge neuroscience, Dr. Wood takes an alternative approach to traumatic therapy and helps clients “reboot” their mind and the glitches that are created by traumatic events.

In today’s show, Dr. Wood explains the concept of emotional concussions and how trauma perpetually impacts the way your mind works. Discusses why traditional therapy for many does not adequately address the lasting damage caused by traumatic events. Speaks to why it’s critical individuals realize “there’s nothing wrong with their mind”. He shares how the same techniques can be used by athletes looking to gain a competitive advantage and improve athletic performance. Dr. Wood encourages those affected by trauma that there is hope for even those who have gone through the most traumatic of experiences and recounts some of the amazing recoveries he’s witnessed from the likes of victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Las Vegas shooting.

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by Ken Gunter