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by Zac Rhodenizer
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Experiences - Steve Christensen


Zac sit's down with entrepreneur Steve Christensen and discusses how experiences contribute to our psychological well-being and how experiences trump possessions. They also touch on theories put forward by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman about the experiencing vs. remembering selves.


About Our Guest

Steve Christensen is the founder of NOVO Watch and cofounder of Neuwly. NOVO Watch is a watch company who's hand made watches use historic material to produce. His other venture, Neuwly, is setting out to organize the worlds experiences to make them more meaningful.

His NOVO Watch designs and ideals have been featured on Cool Material, The Awesomer, Ask Men, Urban Daddy, Vend, and other prominent blogs, websites and magazines, and Neuwly is just getting its footing as a new startup.

Steve has his Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge and a Master of Real Estate Development from Johns Hopkins University.





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Episode 7

by Zac Rhodenizer