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by Zac Rhodenizer
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Fantasy Sports - Austin Mueller


Zac and sports fanatic Austin Mueller talk fantasy sports and the role it can play in community, as a hobby, and even as a way to trash talk your buddies! But make sure you know your stuff before coming into the fantasy sports ring with these guys!


About Our Guest

Austin was brainwashed a Boston fan since his early days by his older brothers and cheers for the Celts still today. Auz also religiously followed Barkley's career, so when Sir Charles was traded to Phoenix Austin became a Suns fan, which carried through the Nash era and till now.

Auz's biggest moment in basketball was as a glue guy on his high school team that went on to win the 96 BC Provincial Championship.

Austin's claim to basketball infamy was leading the Nation in fouls in his ill advised mid 30's comeback to college basketball.

His NBA equivalent is rebounding, fouling and pick setting specialist, Chuck Hayes! (If you don't know him, YouTube his unlikely triple double with the Rockets.)

Now Austin (at least 50 pounds heavier than that picture) plays in a local men's league trying desperately, but mostly failing, to maintain some basketball relevance.

Join Austin in the fantasy sports world as well as listen to his podcast at:



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Episode 12

by Zac Rhodenizer