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The Psychology Podcast

Whitney Johnson || Smart Business Growth

The Psychology Podcast
The Psychology Podcast

Today we welcome Whitney Johnson, CEO and co-founder of the tech-enabled talent development company Disruption Advisors. Whitney is a globally recognized thought leader, keynote speaker, executive coach, and consultant. She is a frequent lecturer at Harvard Business Publishing’s Corporate Learning division. She is also the bestselling author of Disrupt Yourself and Build an A Team. Her latest book is called Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company.

In this episode, I talk to Whitney Johnson about business growth. According to Whitney, the development of the individual comes first before the company’s. Growth can be better understood using the S Curve of Learning which has three phases: the Launch Point, the Sweet Spot, and Mastery. By comprehending the cycle of growth, we can find ways to move forward when we feel stuck in both our professional and personal lives. We also touch on the topics of flow, creativity, transcendence, success, and leadership.

Website: www.whitneyjohnson.com

Twitter: @johnsonwhitney


01:35 Disruption Advisors

07:55 The S Curve of Learning

11:13 Optimize your team for growth

14:23 Mastery and transcendence

16:18 Peak experience and peak performance

21:26 The S Curve as a retention tool

25:00 Excavating your shadow values

28:13 Grow your people to grow your company

33:53 Create the conditions for growth

37:19 The S Curve is a dopamine management exercise

40:20 When to quit and change careers

42:51 Changing the metrics of success

47:16 Disrupt yourself a little bit everyday

The Psychology Podcast
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