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by Justin Kan
The Quest with Justin Kan

Bryce Hall: The New Superstar Kid in Town | TikTok, Gen Z, Sway House, and Social Media


Bryce Hall is the star that Justin.tv (and later Twitch) had hoped to create. At 21 years old, he is a social media phenom with 25M+ followers across platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Bryce's rise to superstardom started with a yearning for connection: he started live-streaming after being bullied in high school, and in 6 years took over all the headlines and now lives 24/7 in his haters' head, rent-free.

I knew Bryce from appearing on his podcast, Capital University. I loved his determination and hustle, and invited him to come on The Quest. We talked about making viral content, building a fanbase through the demise of Vine and YouNow, founding Sway House and Ani Energy, and finding TikTok hacks. Bryce is our youngest guest on The Quest, and this was a great crash course on Gen Z for me.

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Episode 3

Season 2

by Justin Kan