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by Justin Kan
The Quest with Justin Kan

Carole Robin: The Touchy Feely Queen | Stanford Leadership Lessons and Connecting with Others


Carole Robin changed my life. She is my leadership coach and taught the most popular elective at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Interpersonal Dynamics (nicknamed Touchy Feely) for 17 years. Her tea group has helped many of my founder friends, including Jason Tan and Dan Kan (my brother), grow into great leaders at multi-million dollar companies.

I most admire Carole for her vulnerability-first leadership. Going through her program, Leaders In Tech, helped me learn to label my emotions, and gave me the vocabulary to connect and relate to others without a mask. This is my core mission at The Quest, and I am super excited about her new book 'Connect', where she shares her teachings with the world.

Connect with Carole on LinkedIn and purchase her book here (releasing today)!

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Episode 5

Season 2

by Justin Kan