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by Justin Kan
The Quest with Justin Kan

Laura Deming: Solving Immortality | Longevity, Venture Capital, Life Science and Biotech


Laura Deming is not your typical VC. She is the founder and partner of The Longevity Fund, a venture capital firm focused on the study of aging and life extension in humans. Home-schooled in New Zealand, she moved to the U.S with her family to work in an age genetics lab at just twelve years old before dropping out of MIT at fourteen following her acceptance as a Thiel Fellow.

In this episode, Laura and I discuss her journey to become an effective leader, taking risks, dealing with failure, and being motivated to change the world for a better place. Beyond her impressive resume, she is a reminder that great founders can come from anywhere, so long as you have the passion to pursue something relentlessly and are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone. If you are interested in discussions about pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and concepts of biological immortality, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

You can find Laura on Twitter and check out her blog here.

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Episode 19

Season 2

by Justin Kan