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by Justin Kan
The Quest with Justin Kan

Sophia Amoruso: Rebel With a Cause | Nasty Gal, GirlBoss, Fashion, Failure and Moving Forward


‘I don’t know why everything has to happen in f***ing biblical proportions in my life, but it does’ - says Sophia, whose story I resonate with a lot. After bootstrapping her Ebay vintage store Nasty Gal to $28 million in revenue, she was named by Forbes as one of the richest self-made women in the America. But in a sudden swing, within three months both her marriage and career fell apart. The ultimate irony: the divorce and bankruptcy news broke while her Netflix show, Girlboss, was being released about her life.

But Sophia didn’t give up. She launched her book, podcast, media company and business class. As a community-college dropout with no pedigree, she proved everyone wrong by going on to start many more businesses, including her newest one, Business Class, which she bootstrapped to a million in revenue in under a year.

In this episode, we talk about the highlights and lowlights: what happened during that fateful year, how she dealt with the pain and moved forward. Sophia exemplifies what The Quest is about - I am excited and humbled to share our conversation with you.

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Episode 9

Season 2

by Justin Kan