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by Brandy
The Quilter on Fire Podcast

QOF Episode 34 - Sew Fine Thread Gloss with Jenn McMillan


Welcome to Episode 34 of the Quilter on Fire podcast! Today’s interview is a quilt business story you are going to love. Jenn McMillan a graphic designer, quilter and fabric obsessed sewist living in rural Ottawa, Ontario Canada. She is also the maker behind Sew Fine Thread Gloss. She likes to call herself the thread whisperer. She has created a niche product in quilting that hand stitchers all over the world now know and love. It conditions your thread for hand stitching and makes the process smooth and simple. And she added the little twist of wonderful fragrance to each tiny pot of Sew Fine Thread Gloss. And on top of it all she is a very talented quilter. Today we’ll dive into how all of this came about and I can’t wait to share her story.

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Link to Podcast Trailer: https://youtu.be/qg7ua_S7GtI


Episode 34

by Brandy