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by Jesse Martin
The Rapid Breakup Recovery Podcast

02 – Finding your self-worth with Gus


In this episode I talk with Gus, another long-term member of our Facebook group.

After his marriage came to an end, Gus found himself in a toxic relationship that almost destroyed him. When it came to an end, he vowed that he wouldn't spend the second half of his life like he had the first. He went looking for answers – and he found them.

In this episode I talk to Gus about how he was able take his self-worth from zero back to full power. 

Show notes:

0:01:47 | Gus starts his story
0:04:35 | Realization he could not accept his treatment of himself any longer
0:05:32 | Recognized in a poster in the group that he was suffering what they were suffering
0:05:51 | About his ADHD diagnosis
0:09:31 | God bless these people who aren't able to love. She taught me a lesson. Thank god it happened
0:12:01 | Learning to take it easy on himself after his diagnosis
0:13:49 | What joining the group did for Gus
0:14:23 | What he took from the group (Responsibility, take up past issues)
0:16:50 | How we was able to punch himself out
0:17:28 | How his cooky sister's advice was the same as the group's
0:21:01 | How his lack of belief in himself made him hang out with people that were doomed in life
0:24:08 | You have to look after your own space
0:24:15 | How self-development his head is consumed. He needs the time to learn about me and self-improvement.
0:25:42 | About his parenting
0:27:37 | The end of his toxic relationship
0:29:08 | He realizes he didn't like her
0:30:35 | Angry at himself for allowing this to happen
0:31:43 | Realized this was nothing about his ex, but about him
0:32:33 | Dropped his old therapist
0:32:58 | On his search for answers
0:34:53 | People need to be brought to their knees
0:37:29 | Victim blaming
0:39:46 | Began to see his virtuous behaviors in a different light
0:42:32 | Listening to his instincts & self knowledge
0:44:52 | Friendships have become stronger, more open to people he needs to be open with
0:46:36 | Gus gives an example of enforcing his boundary
0:50:42 | Is enforcing boundaries an ongoing challenge?
0:52:09 | A bad relationship with yourself, attracts others that are in bad relationships with themselves
0:52:39 | How did Gus change his beliefs?
0:57:23 | The importance of no contact
0:58:21 | Stopped concentrating on other people
0:58:53 | What role did trauma bonding play?
0:59:22 | Knowing is half the battle
0:59:45 | What is trauma bonding?
0:02:40 | How Jesse slapped Gus


Episode 2

Season 1

by Jesse Martin