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by Amber Keller and Nikki Galbraith
The Real Moms Podcast

Mom Guilt + Mom Shame


In this week's episode, Amber and Nikki discuss that (irrational) nagging fear that everything we do in the present/past/future will mess up our kids forever.

You know the feeling. It's that sinking pit in your stomach saying you "should" be parenting differently. Your self talk is telling you, you're doing something "wrong". Your friends, family, and/or acquaintances have directly or indirectly told you that your approach to parenting is...well...bad. What about all of the unsolicited advice we hear related to all-things pregnancy and parenting? And how many research articles exist that are telling you, you're a bad mom?

Well guess what - you are NOT a bad mom and you are doing everything RIGHT for you and your family. Listening to this episode is bound to boost your mom-confidence!


Episode 17

Season 2

by Amber Keller and Nikki Galbraith