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The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

Dr. Angela Martin-King & The Awakening Empath


Today's guest is Dr. Angela Martin-King, who is a transformational coach and healer of both humans and animals.

Listen to Angela talk about her Empath story, she started out as talking to animals, and then taking the science route and became a chiropractor. Her dark night of the soul moment came after an accident but it helped her open her spiritual path, and then merged science and the spiritual together in her practice. Listen in to hear how Angela uses her Mind, Body, Spirit practice to heal allergies. Angela also shares a teaching about the unconscious mind and the conscious mind, your unconscious mind is 90% of who you are, it remembers everything that has happened to you, but it's also where you heal from. Find out more about Soul Genesis, which is finding the blueprint of your soul in the akashic records, and how that can help you in your life. Hear how Angela uses her empath abilities in her work and life. Hear Avalon and Angela talk about how they both realize they have recently shifted timelines, and how that came about for both of them.

In this Episode:

7:00 - Angela's Story

15:45 - Allergies

18:00 - Teaching

28:30 - Soul Genesis

34:15 - Empath Uses

40:45 - Timelines

Find Dr. Angela Martin-King here: www.soulfiresisters.ca

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