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by Renegade Farmer
The Renegade Farmer

The Renegade Farmer: Annette Cotrell author, The Urban Farm


The Renegade Farmer is pleased to interview Annette Cottrell, co-author of the Urban Farm Handbook. Cottrell started her SustainableEats blog in 2009 as a way to document her mid life food crisis. One of her young sons refused to eat anything but processed snack foods while the other consistently confused potatoes with tomatoes. As a result, Annette swore to avoid grocery stores for a year in an effort to connect her children with recognizable local foods. During the year that followed, she rebuilt her family’s diet around home-made, nutrient-dense foods, many of them grown in her densely-planted urban lot in Seattle or sourced from local farmers and ranchers. The Urban Farm Handbook, co-authored with journalist Joshua McNicols, was a natural progression from her blog. It uses personal success stories, charts, grocery lists, recipes, and more to help readers choose options and make a game plan for weaning themselves off of the commercial supermarket. Throughout The Urban Farm Handbook you’ll find “Opportunities for Change”— steps you can take to achieve a more sustainable urban kitchen, whether it’s simply shifting your buying dollars from one type of market to another, ripping out your front lawn, or getting those dairy goats you always wanted. If you've ever wanted to know how to gain freedom from the supermarket culture--no matter where you live--this show's fo you!



by Renegade Farmer