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by Kelly Morita
The Rising CEO Podcast

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This is an inside look at one of my 1:1 calls and I am SOO FREAKING INSPIRED by @kendratroschel She is going to explode with her incredible story and ideas (I wish I could share the whole thing with you, but you'd be here for an hour)

This is an example of adding Ikigai into your brand and biz.

I want to express that I had immediate success with my business when I launched and it was because of Ikigai that it happened. I talk about building community as being the number one priority as well as fusing your passions into your brand to make you stand out amongst the rest. THIS COMES FIRST! MONEY IS NOT THE GOAL! MONEY IS A BYPRODUCT OF WHAT YOU PUT OUT AND HOW YOU SHOW UP!

You deserve riches and this is where you begin!

A clients transformation and journey with you is measured by who they have become so I wanted to share a journey from someone who is starting out.

We unblocked her creative flow and she is now beginning to innovate and take off as a leader.

I care about my clients success and whether or not they are happy with what they're doing. The truth is...everything you have experienced up until this point in your life has been preparing you for what you're doing now. Look back at all of the lessons you've learned and the experiences you had that you can NOW INFUSE into your brand. SO MANY HINTS! This is how you build something unique. This is how you shine! You never actually gave up that past job you had or that hobby you loved that didn't seem to "turn into anything." Those were the experiences you needed that gifted you the tools to build the life of your dreams and to serve others. THOSE THINGS ARE your unique gifts!

Kendra learned on her journey that she was a great listener, loved science, and found that art never really bored her because it's constantly changing and shifting. HUGE FING hints as to where this EPIC brand is headed for her. The questions I ask will help you learn this and I have unique methods in order to trace back your experiences to discover your treasures. You can ONLY experience these methods unique to me in my 1:1 coaching.

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Episode 23

by Kelly Morita