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by Host: Renée J. Johnson
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This week we learn more about Mike and his journey to Licor 43 and Lisa and her experience to get to Left Coast Estate! PEW PEW PEW!!

Licor 43 was invented in 1946 by Diego Zamora, along with his brother and sister, Angel and Josefina Zamora, and Emilio Restoy, Josefina's husband. The Licor 43 website states they based their recipe on the Liqvor Mirabilis (marvelous liquid), a golden, aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs in Carthago Nova during the 3rd century. Liqvor Mirabilis was encountered by the Romans when they conquered the region in 209 BC; despite the Romans banning its production and consumption, the Carthaginians continued producing in secret. This legend served as the inspiration for the Zamora's invention of Licor 43.

The name of the modern-day liqueur originates from its use of 43 different ingredients; while its recipe is a closely guarded secret by the Zamora family, it is known to contain citrus and fruit juices and to be flavored with vanilla, among other aromatic herbs and spices.

Licor 43 is 31% abv (62 proof) and is a sweet liqueur that is thick-bodied with a dense mouthfeel when sipped neat at room temperature. Visually it is golden-yellow. The aroma is sharp, warm, and complex; the initial scent of citrus and vanilla are balanced by nuances of tangy fruit, subtle notes of cocoa, and an aged rum-like warmth. The taste is warm, creamy, and smooth, with flavors similar to the aroma: an emphatic vanilla beginning, hints of cocoa and other intermixed spices, sweet fruits, and tangy citrus, all carried by a flavor akin to aged rum. It has a long, sweet finish on the tongue, with persistent notes of vanilla, toffee, dark chocolate, and fresh fruit.

Left Coast Estate - Family-owned and operated, Left Coast Estate is guided by two essential principles: a passion for winemaking and a deep connection to the land where we live and farm. Founded in 2003, we completed the initial phase of the winery just in time for the inaugural 2004 vintage of our label bearing a Lewis and Clark map to illustrate our special place in the world. We are in the middle of the Willamette Valley, just 37 miles from the Pacific Ocean with the immense, cooling benefit of the Van Duzer Corridor running through the property.


Golden / Saffron colored. Butter cookie aromas and dry summer grasses accentuate fruitier and floral aromas of red apple skins, apricots, nectarines, honeysuckle, and orange blossom. Mirrored flavors on the pallet are framed by drying effervescence and lingering acidity

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Episode 3

by Host: Renée J. Johnson