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by Host: Renée J. Johnson
The Rosé Hour Podcast

Loyalty Wines


Today we chat it up with Josh Entman of Vinohead and Josh Martin of Loyalty Wines.

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About Josh
" I got my start in media as an intern at Entrepreneur Magazine in Chicago working as a sales assistant to the Midwest Advertising Director. I was 20 years old, and he was a great mentor and friend; someone who showed me the ropes, which, at the time, included plenty of clients entertaining and relationship-building practices. Those two back-to-back summers as an intern were an education on stewardship and one of the primary seeds that led me to LA to pursue a career in media. First, as an advertising sales executive working for a slew of digitally-native startups. And later, as an entrepreneur with a novel concept around the licensing of short-form, user-generated content. Little did I know at the time (2006) that there was a groundswell of social startups converging at the intersection of media and technology. Facebook and YouTube were still in their infancy, and we didn’t even have iPhones yet. Platforms were becoming the new variants, and the wide-ranging effects this would have on the entertainment industry, and broadly speaking, the attention economy, was unprecedented."

Loyalty Wines
Inspired by a vineyard tour in Napa Valley, the hip-hop veteran and boxing promoter turned his focus from rhymes to wines. Like how musical elements come together on a hit track, J. Prince believes that wine adds harmony to social occasions, and he enjoys uncorking a bottle over dinner and good conversation.

Whether chart-topping or bottle-popping, J. Prince doesn’t miss a beat, and his newest releases will make a show-stopping statement at your next party. Whether you’re in the mood for a smooth red or lively sparkler, uncork greatness with The Loyalty Collection.  Check out their website: http://loyaltywines.com/index to learn more!

Josh Martin

Grace on Kirby where the legendary meeting was held


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Episode 5

by Host: Renée J. Johnson