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The Rush

Fame: The Infinite Treadmill Of Status


Have you ever wished you were famous? Millions of followers online, fans clamouring for selfies, private jets to the Bahamas... But why do we crave this intense level of attention? And how does it affect people when they receive it, especially when it's not intentional? Josh leaves no stone unturned as he speaks to reality star Charlotte Crosby, a philosopher, a fame psychologist, a man who helps people get famous, and a woman who became a meme...

Dive deep into the rush... of fame.

Josh Szeps @joshszeps
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Tim Dean http://www.ockhamsbeard.com.au/ 
Charlotte Crosby @charlottegshore
Listen to Values And Vibrators with Charlotte Crosby https://bit.ly/values-and-vibrators 
Silvia Bottini https://silviabottini.com/ 
Max Markson http://marksonsparks.com/ 
Dr Donna Rockwell http://www.donnarockwell.com/ 


Host: Josh Szeps
Managing Producer: Elle Beattie
Producer: Amy Kimball
Editor: Adrian Walton

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