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by Kast Media
The Sarah Silverman Podcast

Tootsie Teeth, Braless, Vulva


Sarah shares a story about her dad and a Tootsie pop, and learns some interesting information on the female genitalia. She hears from a braless woman, a single woman needing advice, and her father, who has some commentary on her new set. Leave Sarah a voicemail: https://www.kastmedia.com/MessageSarah Please support our sponsors: Mint Mobile offers premium wireless service starting at just $15 a month. To get your new wireless plan go to https://www.MintMobile.com/Silverman. Lord Jones is the absolute gold standard in CBD products. To get 25% off your first order go to https://www.LordJones.com/Sarah. When you’re ready to undo some damage, hit the reset button with the OUAI Detox Shampoo. Go to https://www.TheOuai.com and use code Sarah to get 15% off your entire purchase. Fresh from San Diego, California, comes Blenders, the only sunglasses brand you’ll ever want to wear again. Visit https://www.BlendersEyewear.com and enter promo code SILVERMANVIP for 15% off. Green Chef let’s you choose from a wide array of easy-to-follow recipes perfect for keto, paleo, and plant-powered diets, or even if you just want to eat in a more balanced way. Go to https://www.GreenChef.com/Sarah100 and use code Sarah100 to get $100 of including FREE shipping. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahkatesilverman & on Twitter @SarahKSilverman See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Episode 46

by Kast Media