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by Divya Samtani
The Savvy Sapiens Podcast

The Adaptable Agent



Jason Berg grew up on the East Coast of the US, and his career has since taken him to countless places, including LA, Switzerland and most recently, Hong Kong. With a background in finance and consulting, last year he co-founded his own consultancy helping companies be more digital and forward-thinking. At only 29 years old it’s a bold move, but Jason’s passion for self-learning and constant adaptation is exactly what will position him for success.  

On this episode you’ll get great insight into what it’s like to grow up in a highly competitive academic environment and how Jason’s mindset has helped him break norms and question expectations. He’s also a pro on the future of work so if you’re wondering what to expect in the years ahead then look no further than this interview.  Show Notes:

0.00 - 02:30:

His first career aspiration to be a musician, but not pursuing it seriously  

  • The effect of growing up in a very high-pressure academic environment 

02.30 - 05.00:

  • The influence of his parents’ careers as accountants and why he decided to do finance as a safe route 
  • Not having the perspective or clarity at that age to break out of the traditional path  
  • How Jason is still figuring it out as an adult and why you don’t need to decide at such a young age 

05.00 - 07.30:

  • Why having a linear career path is no longer possible and many current ways of working are no longer relevant  
  • The notion of continuous learning and why it’s not enough to just get a university degree 
  • The new expectation for professionals to be able to up-skill with micro-degrees  

07.30 - 10.00:

  • How we’re moving from academic and emotional intelligence (IQ and EQ) to adaptive intelligence (AQ) 
  • Focusing more on how you learn and how quickly you learn vs. what you’ve learned 
  • Exploring the value of university today as being mostly for personal development  
  • Taking full advantage of university by putting yourself out there and exploring  

10.00 - 12.30:

  • Jason’s advice to explore all the options out there and find mentors/resources to hone in on your interests  
  • It’s not just a paycheck, you have to really enjoy what you do  
  • Why it was a complete blessing in disguise that he didn’t get a job in finance  

12.30 - 15.00:

  • Why it’s helpful to start thinking deeply about what you want to do right now (in high school)  
  • The courage to not necessarily follow the path laid out for you 
  • The importance of questioning “what you you’re told” and figuring out for yourself what you want  

15.00 - 17.30:

  • Developing that courage at a later age and seeing many of his friends in their late twenties break away from their career completely 
  • Growth mindset and getting out of your comfort zone 
  • Realizing that you can do things you never thought before 
  • Creativity as a practised and not in-born skill (one that Jason is working on!)  

17.30 - 19.30: 

  • Jason’s advice to his 16 year old self 


Episode 5

Season 1

by Divya Samtani