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by Divya Samtani
The Savvy Sapiens Podcast

The Career Chameleon


Introduction: On this episode we have Natasha Jain and she’s the perfect example of someone who has had not just one, not two, but three completely different and fascinating careers.  

Starting off with a degree in law, later creating a career in sustainability, and now lighting up the stage in Hong Kong with her incredible gift for acting, Natasha Jain is a girl from London who simply will not let her fears or insecurities stop her.  

She’s no stranger to struggles with anxiety and emotional overwhelm, and its thanks to her experience that she shares with us on this episode how to navigate those dark and stormy waters, and how to obliterate the word "failure" out of your mind forever.  

Show Notes:

0.00 - 2.50: 

  • Always being creative from a young age and loving the arts, but not knowing what that meant and not thinking she could make a career out of it  
  • Keeping her options open with her subjects and why she decided to do law as a safety net 
  • The absurdity of having to make life decisions at the age of 16  
  • Realizing that she had no idea what she wanted to do and feeling lost in comparison who were all applying for vacation schemes and training contracts 
  • The difference between barristers and solicitors (both a type of “lawyer”) 

2.50 - 5.00:  

  • Working at a death penalty law firm in the US and enjoying the experience 
  • How she didn’t focus on getting the “perfect job” and instead, tried 4 different jobs after university which hugely helped her narrow in on what she wanted to do  
  • Why she recommends taking time to explore your interests and get work experience, rather than just rushing into a career  

5.00 - 7.50: 

  • Why it’s important to figure out what you really want to do before you chase the money (thinking impact and passion first, because the money always follows)  
  • Seeing her friends now at the age of 30 having a change of heart and thinking “now what, is this it?" 
  • Having a career portfolio and realizing that there are so many career options, and that you CAN change your mind 

7.50 - 10.00:  

  • Why people tend to stay in what’s familiar out of fear, despite the fact that they're unhappy 
  • The conversation with her mentor who helped her forge a new path in her career and remove the fear of “starting over”  
  • How drama and acting has always been an important part of her life, and helped with her public-speaking and inner confidence 

10.00 - 12.50:  

  • Why it’s critical to know ourselves so that you have the courage to block the outside noise out (no matter who they are) and just focus on what YOU want  
  • Why we need to eliminate the concept of “failure” and “unsuccessful” and replace them with “lessons learned" 
  • Investing in yourself, what you like, and just experimenting with what you’re good at 
  • Why we are not our emotions and Natasha’s experience with anxiety 

12.50 - 15.00:  

  • How emotions can hijack our brains on a day to day basis 
  • The issue of feeling shame for our anger/anxiety, and pretending that we are more ok than we are  

15.00 - 17.50: 

  • The futility of trying to control the events in life and why the “planners" get the most defeated 
  • Accepting our emotions and realizing that it’s not a weakness  
  • Natasha’s thoughts on the absurdity of social comparison and why our life journeys are totally incomparable 

17.50 - 20.00: 

  • Other people’s journeys and their opinions on our journeys are not our truth, they need to stop distracting us  


Episode 4

Season 1

by Divya Samtani