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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

Another Sensory Processing Disorder Podcast? - SPD Red Flags with Guest Occupational Therapist, Oliva Cheng


On today's podcast of the Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking to guest Occupational Therapist, Olivia Cheng, an Intervention Occupational Therapist will going into the topic of Sensory Processing Disorder. Okay we get it, it seems like this word is a huge buzzword and the subject matter of Sensory Processing Issues has been beaten to death.

However in today's podcast, we won't go into the nitty gritty definitions of SPD and the Sensory Systems, but more so key Red Flags you parents can keep an eye out when recognizing Sensory Issues in your child. While we're not saying you yourself parents can make a sound diagnosis of your child, but the more aware you can be of certain signs can help you connect your child with a professional earlier on in their developement.

This Podcast isn't a be all or end all of SPD knowledge, however it will provide you with a better understanding and a framework to better listen to your child in a different way. Sensory Needs are communicated differently - often times through behaviour. Understanding the benefits of addressing and tending to these behaviours and consequences of ignoring them will better guide you, Sensory Parents out there, in your journeys to raising your Sensory Child.!

If you liked today's Podcast, feel free to shoot us a message or Olivia Cheng via her Instagram @ot_liv!


Episode 8

Season 1

by Mark Suan